Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu
Seasonal salad, cherry tomatoes, green apples & plums tossed in a mustard, honey & roasted cumin dressing with melon seeds
Wheat crisps, spiced chickpeas, sweet yoghurt, mint and tamarind chutney
Pan grilled spiced potato cakes served with chickpeas & topped with tamarind chutney
Onion fritters in chickpea batter served with salad
VEGETABLE SAMOSA (V) £4.50 Filo pastry filled with lightly spiced vegetables, served with salad
PRAWN PURI £5.50 Prawns in a lightly spiced sauce, rolled in fried bread, served with avocado & mango terrine
SAMUDRI SCALLOP £8.95 Pan seared scallops with home ground spices, served with smoked bell peppers & tomato chutney
CRAB CAKES £5.50 Crab meat, fish & potato cakes, pan grilled, served with smoked bell peppers & tomato chutney
DAKSHINI CHICKEN PAKORA £4.95 Fritters of minced chicken with curry leaves, red chilies, served with mint chutney
LAMB SIKAMPURI KEBAB £5.50 Medallions of ground lamb infused with lentils, cinnamon, cardamom, freshly ground
spices, served with mint & tamarind chutney.
MILLA JULA A mixture of starters for four people – price per person £5.95

SEEKH KEBAB £4.50 Grounded lamb kebabs with mint, coriander & green chilies
CHICKEN TIKKA £5.95Chicken marinated in mild spices & then grilled in a tandoor
MURGH MALAI TIKKA £6.95 Chicken marinated in cheese & mint, then grilled
SARSON WALI MACHCHI £7.95 Tandoor grilled salmon in a mustard with honey & dill marinade
SHAHI KING PRAWN £7.95 King prawns spiced & cooked
CHEF’S PLATER £8.95 A selection of 3 kebabs – salmon, chicken & lamb
A special selection of tandoori starters for two people – Price per person

TANDOORI CHICKEN £11.95 Chicken marinated in mild spices & then grilled on the bone in a tandoor
CHICKEN TIKKA £11.95 Chicken marinated in mild spices & then grilled in a tandoor
CHICKEN SHASHLIK £13.95 Chicken grilled in the tandoor with tomatoes, capsicum & onions
LAMB SHASHLIK £14.95 Lamb grilled in the tandoor with tomatoes, capsicum & onions
TANDOORI LAMB CHOPS £15.95 New season lamb chops with mint & herbs, crust cooked in the tandoor
TANDOORI JINGA £16.95 King prawns served sizzling with grilled tomatoes & peppers
TANDOORI MIXED GRILL £16.95 Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab & tandoori king prawn, served with naan

We are very proud to present you with a selection of our all time
favourite dishes which offers very distinctive flavours and taste profile.
GRILLED SEA BASS £16.95 Pan grilled sea bass served on a bed of asparagus & mild masala sauce, served with steamed rice
MEEN MOILEE £15.95 Sea bass poached in coconut & turmeric, served with coconut rice MANGALOREAN FISH £16.95 Monk fish simmered in coconut & coriander sauce, served with steamed rice
GRILLED AJWAINI JHINGA £19.95 Tandoor grilled king prawns marinated in carom seeds, mint, green chilies,
served with tomato salad
JHINGA MALAI £18.95 Tandoor grilled king prawns in a mild spiced cream & cheese marinade, served with coconut rice
SHAHI MURGH KORMA £14.95 Stir fried chicken with ginger & caramelised onions, fresh vegetables & yoghurt
MURGH HANDI LAZIZ £14.95 Chicken cooked in a blend of spices, coconut cream & chilies
MURGH SAAG WALA £13.95 Chicken cooked with garlic, fresh mint & creamed spinach with sunflower seeds
KASHMIRI LAMB ROGAN JOSH £14.95 Boneless lamb cooked with Kashmiri masala, red chilies & saffron
NALLI GOSHT £19.95 Slow braised lamb shank with ginger, garlic & rose water, served with steamed rice Nalli Gosht is limited and may not always be available.

Marinated in delicately spiced yoghurt for 24 hours to tenderise the meat, then cooked in the tandoor oven & finished in a very special mild sauce
MURGH TIKKA MASALA £11.95 Chicken tikka masala – K2’s own special recipe
MURGH MAKHANI £12.95 Chicken supreme cooked in a tandoor and finished in creamy tomato, honey & fenugreek sauce
TANDOORI BUTTER MURGH £12.95 Tandoori chicken off the bone cooked with butter, cream & mild spices
CHICKEN PASANDA £12.95 Chicken cooked in a delicious mild, creamy almond & yoghurt sauce with exotic flavours
LAMB PASANDA £13.95 Lamb cooked in a delicious mild, creamy almond & yoghurt sauce with exotic flavours
JHINGA MASALA £14.95 Mildly spiced succulent king prawns grilled over charcoal, served in a mild masala sauce

A traditional style of cooking, originating from the K2 region.
All balti dishes are cooked medium hot or to your taste and served with a naan bread.
BALTI MURGH KHYBER £12.95 Chicken with our own authentic sauce, thick & slightly tangy
BALTI GOSHT DUMPUKHT £13.95 Tender lamb skillfully cooked to perfection with a variety of herbs & spices
BALTI MACHI PUKHTAN £13.95 Fillets of fish tossed with spices & fenugreek
JHINGA BALTI £17.95 King prawns with our own authentic sauce, thick & slightly tangy

KARAHI GARLIC CHICKEN £12.50 Chicken cooked with garlic, ginger, tomatoes & coriander
KARAHI GOSHT £12.95 Tender lamb flavoured with crushed garlic & julienne of ginger
ZAMDANI £12.95Chicken or lamb cooked hot with onions, green pepper, tomatoes & green chillies
MURGH JALFREZI £12.50 Slices of chicken with hot spices, tomatoes, onions & green chillies
NAGA £13.95 Chicken or lamb cooked very hot & spicy with traditional Naga Bhut Jolokia sauce
JINGA HURYAL £14.95 King prawns cooked hot in green masala with herbs & coriander
JINGA TAVA £14.95 Grilled king prawns with ajwain & onions

Any of the dishes below are available in chicken, lamb or prawn.
KORMA £9.95 Mild, creamy coconut & almond sauce
CURRY £9.95 A medium hot curry
MADRAS £9.95 A fairly hot curry
VINDALOO £9.95 A very hot sauce
DANSAK £10.95 Hot, sweet and sour dish cooked with lentils
DOPIAZ £10.95 Medium spiced curry cooked with onions
KING PRAWN KORMA £13.95 King prawns cooked in a creamy coconut & almond sauce
KING PRAWN DHANSAK £13.95 King prawns – hot, sweet & sour dish cooked with lentils

CHICKEN BIRYANI £13.95 Chicken cooked with fragrant basmati rice, served with vegetable curry & raita
DUM GOSHT BIRYANI £14.95 Lamb cooked with fragrant basmati rice, served with vegetable curry & raita
KING PRAWN BIRYANI £16.95 King prawn cooked with fragrant basmati rice, served with vegetable curry & raita
SUBJI BIRYANI £10.95 Vegetables cooked with fragrant basmati rice, served with vegetable curry & raita

SUBJI KARAHI KEBAB £8.95 Finely blended vegetables flavoured with crushed garlic, peppers, onions & tomatoes
SUBJI MAKHANWALA £9.95 Mixed vegetables cooked in butter, yoghurt, fresh cream & mild spices in an exotic sauce
ACHARI BHINDI £8.95 Fresh okra cooked with pickling spices & silver onion
SUBZ MILONI KORMA £8.95 Seasonal fresh mixed vegetables cooked in tomato masala & coconut sauce DAL MAHARANI £8.95 Black lentils cooked overnight & tempered with fresh ginger, garlic & tomato
SHAHI PANEER £9.95 Indian cottage cheese cooked in a creamy mild sauce

BOMBAY ALOO £3.75A traditional, slightly hot potato dish from Mumbai
ALOO GOBI £3.75 Cauliflower florets & potatoes gently sautéed in medium spices
SAAG ALOO £3.75 Spinach & potatoes cooked with fresh coriander
SAAG BHAJI £3.75 Spinach fried in butter, onions, fresh herbs & garlic
MUSHROOM BHAJI £3.75 Mushrooms braised with tomato & coriander
TARKA DAAL £3.75 Yellow lentils cooked and tempered with spices and garlic
KABLI CHANA £3.75 Chickpeas cooked in a sauce of fresh herbs tomatoes & spices
KALONJI BAINGAN £4.50 Aubergine cooked with onion seeds, tamarind, garlic & fresh tomatoes
BINDI BHAJI £4.50 Fresh okra (ladies fingers) cooked in butter and medium spices
MUTTER PANEER £4.95 Indian cottage cheese cooked with garden peas
SAG PANEER £4.95Home-made cheese & spinach in a mild saffron & ginger sauce

RAITA Seasoned yoghurt with cucumber & tomato £2.95
Mixed green salad £1.95
A variety of dips, per person £0.70
Spiced or plain, each £0.70

PLAIN RICE £2.95 Steamed rice
PULAO RICE £3.45 Basmati rice with saffron
LEMON RICE £3.75 Basmati rice cooked with lemon rind
MUSHROOM RICE £3.75 Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms & onions

NAAN BREAD / PARATHA / ROTI £2.45 Bread baked in a clay oven
KULCHA NAAN £2.95 Stuffed with garlic, onion & coriander
GARLIC NAAN £2.95 Naan bread flavoured with fresh garlic & coriander
PESHWARI NAAN £3.45 Stuffed with ground almonds, coconut, sultanas & single cream
CHEESE & ONION NAAN £3.45 Stuffed with cheese & onion
KEEMA NAAN £3.45 Stuffed with spicy minced meat



Deserts & Liqueur Menu
Kulfi £3.50 Delicious Indian ice cream made from whole milk. Choice of mango & pistachio flavours.
Mela Menthe £3.50 Crème de menthe flavoured ice cream in a crisp chocolate shell topped with cream.
Flute Hazel £3.95 Glass filled with delicious ice cream combined with chocolate sauce, topped with pieces of hazelnut.
Royal Pot £3.95 Toffee flavoured ice cream topped with delicious milk toffee pieces in an attractive pot.
Fantastika £3.50 Vanilla & caramel ice cream with chocolate balls, toffee pieces & caramel sauce
Supreme Vanilla £3.50 Supreme quality dairy vanilla ice cream.
Mango Sorbet £3.50 Supreme quality mango sorbet.
Mouscoco £3.50 A center of chocolate mousse in a coconut ice cream decorated with grated coconut.

Tandoori Pineapple £4.50 Char-grilled pineapple with cardamom, served with supreme vanilla ice cream.
Gulab Jamun £4.50 Dumplings traditionally made of thickened milk soaked in rose flavoured sugar syrup.