OPENING HOURS: 5.00pm - 10.00pm (Take Away Only)

Delivery service is available during these unique times - Minimum Order £25.00


Onion Bhaji - £3.50 Mildly spiced shredded onions bound in gram flour & deep fried

Aloo Tikki Ragda - £3.75 Pan-grilled spiced potato cakes served with chickpeas

Samosa - £3.75 Meat or vegetable triangular filled pastries

Shami Kabab - £3.75 Minced lamb blended with spices cooked on a tava

Dakshini Chicken Pakora - £3.75 Fritters of minced chicken with curry leaves & red chillies

Prawn Puri - £3.95 Spicy prawns served with deep-fried puri bread

Chicken Tikka Puri - £3.95 Spicy chicken tikka served with deep-fried puri bread


Sheek Kebab - £3.75 Minced meat with herbs & spices grilled over charcoal

Paneer Tikka - £3.95 Traditional Indian cheese grilled in the tandoor

Chicken Tikka - £4.45 Diced chicken lightly spiced & grilled in the tandoor

Lamb Tikka - £4.95 Diced lamb slightly spiced & grilled in the tandoor

Sarsonwali Machchi - £6.95 Salmon in a mustard, honey & dill marinade & tandoor-smoked

Shahi King Prawn - £6.95 King prawn grilled with tomatoes, onions & peppers


Marinated in a delicately spiced yoghurt for 24 hours to tenderise the meat giving it a seductive and tantalising aroma, served with salad

Tandoori Chicken - £8.75 Spring chicken with herbs & spices

Chicken Tikka - £8.95 Cubes of chicken marinated & grilled in the tandoor

Lamb Tikka - £9.95 Lamb marinated & grilled in the tandoor  

Shashlick - £10.95 Grilled chicken or lamb with onion tomatoes & green peppers

Tandoori King Prawn - £12.95 Mildly spiced succulent king prawns grilled over charcoal

Tandoori Mixed Grill - £12.95 King prawn, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab, served with naan


Marinated in delicately spiced yoghurt for 24 hours to tenderise the meat, then cooked in the tandoor oven & finished in a very special mild sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala - £9.95 Cooked with K2’s own masala sauce

Tandoori Butter Murgh - £9.95 Cooked with K2’s own masala sauce

Murgh Makhani - £9.95 Chicken cooked in butter, yoghurt, fresh cream & mild spices 

Passanda - £11.95 Chicken or lamb cooked in a delicious mild, creamy almond & yoghurt sauce with exotic flavours

Tandoori King Prawn Masala - £12.95 King prawns in a mild masala sauce


A traditional style of cooking, originating from the K2 region. All balti dishes are cooked medium hot or to your taste and served with a naan bread

Balti Murgh Khyber - £10.95 Barbecued pieces of marinated chicken simmered in a special sauce prepared with selected herbs & spices

Balti Jhinga Changazi - £12.95 Jumbo prawns cooked in balti style

Balti Gosht Dumpukht - £10.95 Tender morsels of lamb skilfully cooked to perfection with a combination of Oriental spices & herbs

Subji Balti - £9.95 Mixed vegetables cooked in special Balti sauce


Karahi Garlic Chicken - £9.95 Chicken tikka cooked with garlic, ginger, tomatoes & coriander

Karahi Gosht - £9.95 Tender morsels of lamb cooked with tomatoes, onions, green pepper & herbs served medium hot

Murgh Jalfrezi - £9.95 Slices of chicken with hot spices, tomatoes, onions & chillies

Zamdani - £10.95 Chicken or lamb cooked with onions, green pepper, tomatoes, green chilli & our chefs special spicy hot sauce

Murgh Handi Laziz - £11.95 Cooked in a blend of spices & coconut cream with chillies

Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh - £11.95 Boneless lamb cooked with Kashmiri masala, red chillies & saffron. – Fairly hot

Naga - £11.95 Chicken or lamb cooked extremely hot & spicy with traditional Naga Bhut Jolokia sauce


Chicken Korma - £7.50 Mild and creamy with coconut 

Chicken Curry - £7.50 Medium

Chicken Madras - £7.75 Fairly hot

Chicken Vindaloo - £7.95 Very hot with potato

Chicken Dhansak - £7.95 Sweet, sour & fairly hot with lentils

Chicken Ceylon - £7.95 Fairly hot with coconut  

Chicken Bhuna - £7.95 Medium hot in a thick sauce


Meat Korma - £7.95 Mild & creamy with coconut

Meat Madras - £7.95 Fairly hot

Meat Dupiaz - £7.95 Medium with onions 

Meat Dhansak - £7.95 Sweet, sour & fairly hot with lentils

Methi Gosht - £7.95 Medium hot cooked with fenugreek

Palak Gosht - £7.95 Lamb cooked with spinach, medium hot


Prawn Korma - £6.95 Mild & creamy with coconut

Prawn Madras - £6.95 Fairly hot

Prawn Sag - £6.95 Medium hot with spinach

Prawn Pathia - £6.95 Sweet, sour & slightly hot sauce

King Prawn Korma - £10.95 Creamy with cocnuts& almonds

King Prawn Dansak £10.95 Sweet, sour fairly hot with lentils


Cooked with basmati rice in a special blend of spices, served with vegetable curry, medium hot.

Chicken Biryani - £8.95

Lamb Biryani - £9.95 

Chicken Tikka Biryani - £10.95

King Prawn Biryani - £12.95


Subji Karahi Kebab - £7.95 Finely blended vegetables flavoured with crushed garlic, peppers, onions & tomatoes

Subji Makhanwala - £8.95 Mixed vegetables in butter, cream & a mild exotic sauce

Shahi Paneer - £9.95 Indian cottage cheese cooked in a creamy mild sauce

Dal Maharani - £7.95 Black lentils cooked overnight & tempered with fresh ginger, garlic & tomato


Side dishes are only available with any main course.

Bombay Aloo - £3.75 Traditional spiced slightly hot potato dish from Mumbai

Aloo Gobi - £3.75 Cauliflower florettes & potatoes sauted in medium spices

Sag Aloo - £3.75 Spinach & potatoes cooked with fresh coriander

Mushroom Bhaji - £3.75 Mushrooms braised with tomato & coriander

Sag Bhaji - £3.95 Spinach fried in butter, onions, fresh herbs & garlic

Tarka Dhal - £3.95 Lentils cooked with herbs, spices & garlic

Kabli Chana - £3.95 Chickpeas cooked with fresh herbs tomatoes & spices  

Brinjal Bhaji - £4.25 Medium spiced aubergines  

Bindi Bhaji - £4.25 Fresh okra (ladies fingers) cooked medium in butter  

Mattar Paneer - £4.50 Home-made cheese & peas cooked in a mild sauce  

Sag Paneer - £4.50 Home-made cheese & spinach cooked in a mild sauce.


Plain Rice - £2.75 Steamed rice

Pulao Rice - £2.95 Basmati rice with saffron

Lemon Rice - £3.25 Basmati rice cooked with lemon rind

Mushroom Rice - £3.50 Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms

Keema Rice - £3.95 Basmati rice cooked with mince meat


Naan - £2.25 Leavened bread baked in a clay oven

Kulcha Naan - £2.95 Leavened bread stuffed with garlic, onion & fresh coriander

Garlic Naan - £2.95 Leavened bread stuffed with garlic, baked in a clay oven

Peshwari Naan - £3.45 Leavened bread stuffed with almonds & sultanas, baked in a clay oven

Keema Naan - £3.45 Leavened bread stuffed with minced meat, baked in a clay oven

Paratha - £2.95 Buttered bread cooked on a griddle pan  

Roti, Chapati or Puri - £1.25 Various flat breads 

Raitha - £2.50 Seasoned yoghurt with cucumber, onion & tomato  

Papadom - £0.50 each Plain or spicy  

Chutney - £0.50 each All variations

K2 Indian Restaurant

A place of enjoyment and relaxation at one of the most uniquely styled Indian Restaurants in Hemel Hempstead. The K2 Restaurant is situated on Two Waters Road, close to the banks of the River Gade.